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Welcome to From Ainsley

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page! Let us take a minute or two to explain who we are, and what we’re all about 🙂

We are Ainsley’s Parents; Tyler & Cathy Cooper. After the loss of our daughter Ainsley in 2013, we decided that instead of dwelling on our loss, we needed to focus on what we had gained. Some may see a situation like ours and only see the negative, but we strongly feel that we were given a gift in Ainsley’s story, and life. In our time with her, we learned more about love, compassion, strength, vulnerability and humility than ever before.  Our hopes are that we can provide a positive impact, not only on SickKids, and SickKids Foundation, but other grieving parents as well.

Since starting From Ainsley in 2013, and becoming approved ambassadors for SickKids Foundation; Along with our amazing contributors, we have been able to donate over $150,000, along with over 2,000 toys & gifts. We are forever grateful and blessed for all those who have contributed to this cause! Thank you!!

Please take a minute to watch our interview with CityNews, regarding our journey.

Thank you so much!

The Cooper Family